Nicole Herrle

Certified EFT practitioner with 2000+ hours of client experience

How the Wounds of your Past can keep you stuck.

  • Tap away anxiety, depression, overwhelm & more.

  • Release past trauma & your symptoms will go away for good.
  • Discover the reason why nothing worked for you before.



  • You are challenged by increased anxiety, sadness and/or grief.
  • You experience regularly panic, stress, and/or overwhelm.
  • You struggle to function in life, due to constant tiredness, low energy and/or chronic health issues.
  • You are feeling hopeless, angry and/or passive.
  • You have trouble sleeping, a low attention span and/or are easily irritated.

Ready to leave all of this behind you?


  • You finally can feel happy, at ease & be physically healthy.
  • You absolutely can have more energy, feel relaxed & be more present.
  • Your dream of being satisfied & fulfilled in your career & your relationships can become reality.
  • You finally can do all the things that you want to do.
  • You permanently can over come past wounds, trauma and old emotional baggage.

I am ready to live the life I desire...


Behind 95 % of the struggles you face today lies childhood trauma and other past traumatic eventsTrauma can have such a negative impact on your adult life and if you don’t deal with it, it prevents you from having a full life.


Trauma can show up in many different ways such as overwhelm, stress and sadnessstruggling with chronic health issues, being in a state of constant anxiety and/or panic or having low energy. It also affects our self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence. Often the "damage" is caused already in our childhood, due to emotional neglect or abandonment...

But it doesn’t have to be that way...

If you’ve tried EFT Tapping before and it hasn’t worked, it’s because tapping on the symptoms like overwhelm, stress, and anxiety won’t give you the relief you seek. To overcome those symptoms permanently, you need to get to the root cause and address the problem from the root. This is what we do together in my Tapping Success Formula. A proven way that combines EFT Tapping, Inner Child Healing and Desired Outcome Visualization.

Finally get the relief your are looking for by taking the next step...


Hi, I´m Nicole, certified EFT practitioner, specializing in Childhood Trauma, and I am your guide to help you overcome your struggles permanently.

I help people like you that are
overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. They are struggling with their relationships, feeling tired and exhausted, having health issues, feeling stuck around their career and more. I will help you release those subconscious blockages once and for all so you can finally get the relief you are looking for.

Being trained in EFT Tapping plus having gone through quite a lot of childhood trauma and other traumatic events myself made me fully understand of the impact of trauma but also how to release it from the core.

I will be your guide to lead you into your subconscious and
identify the rootcause of you struggles, so you can finally overcome your struggles. My intuitive approach combined with my expertise of 2000+ client hours will let you achieve your goals no matter how big or small.

I have helped 150 + people just like you to
regain their happiness, health, and energy by using my unique Tapping Success Formula that consists of clinical EFT Tapping, Inner Child work, and Desired Outcome Visualization. - And they are now living the life they previously only dreamed was possible.

Are you ready to do the same?


That's fair.. but, you´re here for a reason...

You may have spent a significant amount of timemoney,

and effort attempting to improve your mental and physical well-being, but have been disappointed by the lack of long-term improvements.


This is one of the reasons why my EFT Tapping sessions are unique and unlike anything you have tried before! The results are PERMANENT, allowing you to build on each small victory!

Find out was my unique 3-step approach includes:

My unique 3-step ‘Tapping Success Formula’:

My unique 3 step approach ensures that you release the trauma you’ve experienced at the root, allowing you to overcome your struggles permanently and clear out the negative emotions, so that you can move forward, feeling empowered to create the outcome you desire.

  • EFT Tapping - Tapping combines the principles of ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology. I focus on Clinical EFT Tapping, which is an evidence-based method that’s been validated in many research studies.
  • Inner Child Healing - To achieve permanent and profound healing with EFT Tapping, it is crucial to discover if it’s your inner child or your adult self that is affected by the trauma. Sometimes, it can be a combination of both.
  • Desired Outcome Visualization - When we clear out negative emotions, it is normal to feel neutral about a particular event, but visualization is a great way to transform your perspective and remind yourself that you have the power to create any outcome you wish!


Important Success Factor...

Going through my Tapping Success Formula requires a commitment of a minimum of 12 sessions. The 3-step process is tailored in a way to achieve a breakthrough and to give you the best opportunity of getting the relief you are seeking.

Due to my extended experience working with clients, 2000+ hours this usually happens after 12 sessions in a timeframe of 12 to 16 weeks.

I only offer smaller packages when I see it fit. e.g. overcoming a punctual trauma.

​I also offer a one-off EFT Tapping session if you've never experienced EFT Tapping. You can see if EFT Tapping is for you before commiting to the 12 session package.

All my sessions are online via Zoom so you can do them in the comfort from your home.

See for yourself...


During your free discovery Session, We´ll...

  • Discover the root cause of your struggle
  • Discuss how to permanently release years of emotional baggage & trauma
  • Explore how to effortlessly create the life you desire
  • Clarify any doubts and concerns you might have

Pick your time, my calendar is filling fast...


1. Does EFT Tapping really work?

Yes, it does! Some issues can be solved in as fast as 10 minutes. However in order to get permanent relief you have to get to the root cause of your struggles. As of today, there are over 250 clinical studies out there on the effectiveness of EFT Tapping.

  2. How do I know EFT Tapping sessions are right for me?

This is exactly why I offer my free 20-minute discovery session! It’s an excellent way for us to be introduced to each other and go through what is holding you back right now. It’s also a great way to ask me any questions or concerns that you have about EFT Tapping.

  3. I have tried EFT Tapping, but I did not get the results that I wanted… Can you still help me?

That's why my EFT Tapping sessions are different! You will make extremely fast progress through my unique method of combining EFT tapping with Inner Child Healing. The combination of my ‘Special Sauce’ has provided rapid, long-term results for my clients, even those that have had no success with EFT Tapping in the past!

4. Do I have to sign up for anything on the discovery session? Is it really free?

My discovery sessions are 100% free and come with no obligation! If, after our chat, you decide that EFT Tapping sessions aren’t for you, then you won't have lost anything from the session. If anything, you may have gained knowledge on which parts of yourself that you need to focus on.

5. What should I expect in an EFT session?

We will access your subconscious mind in a super easy way and bring up the past events that are holding you back right now. One event after the other we will clear out by using my Tapping Success Formula that includes EFT Tapping on the adult version of you and/ or your Inner Child. In any given moment I make sure you will not get re-traumatized and this is possible thanks to EFT Tappings gently techniques.

Once we have cleared our the event we can change your outlook of what is possible with my Outcome Visualization technique.

6. Why do I need to do 12 sessions and how often will I need to be seen?

The events that are at the root cause are most likely to be connected and due to my experience you will need a minimum of 12 sessions to clear out those early childhood events those are oftentimes connected to our parents/caregivers. Especially at the beginning when we start to work together it is important that the sessions are close together and this is why 1 session per week is commended in a time frame of 12-16 weeks.

7. Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately no Insurance covers EFT practitioners. They only cover mental health professionals that use some Tapping in their practice.

However I had clients in the past that could claim the cost with their insurance. So I recommend you to check with your insurance if they do cover EFT Tapping and if they do I can issue your a specific invoice.

8. Where do the EFT Tapping sessions take place?

All my sessions are online via Zoom.

Online EFT Tapping sessions are as effective as in person sessions.

My time schedule is adapted to all US time zones and all other time zones too.

I am ready to take the next step...


Juana released her anxiety of stepping into a new career.

-Juana K. (Barcelona, ES)

Herta was able to clear out deeply rooted unhappiness & anger.

-Herta B. (Dublin, IE)

Arpie could break free from anxiety and insomnia.

-Arpie A. (Melbourne,AUS)

I am forever thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Nicole, an incredible EFT practitioner.

"We have worked on various aspects of trauma and emotions that I have held onto since childhood and teenage years. Working with Nicole has helped me to release the emotions that kept me stuck in beliefs that have not served me for years.
She is gentle and has a great sense of humor. She is also very intuitive and I was amazed at how she was able to bring in powerful statements during our EFT Tapping sessions that really connected to what I was experiencing and helped me release a lot of stuck energy, and rewrite my story moving forward."



Matea managed to let go of the fear & anxiety of giving birth.

-Matea K. (Munich, DE)

Ben eliminated stress, trauma & physical pain from his life.

-Ben L. (Delaware, US)

Alexa turned around limiting beliefs around her self-confidence & self-worth.

-Alexa M. (New York, US)

 Before finding Nicole I was suffering with a lot of flashbacks and distressing feelings due to past trauma in my life.

"I felt disempowered and helpless in trying to process all the emotional pain. So I decided I would go for an EFT practitioner to support me. I couldn’t have wished for a kinder, more present and professional EFT practitioner than Nicole. She quickly and clearly guided me, over 12 EFT Tapping sessions, through the process of releasing all the painful emotions. I felt truly liberated and free to be my authentic self; an important part was letting my inner child know I love her and promising never to abandon her again. Nicole helped me to become integrated and grounded strongly in my being. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who feels ready for deep transformation."

~ Ursula



The withheld 1st step to identify childhood wounds that will change your life forever.

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