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Sad Look


Are you anxious?  Are you worrying about work? Are you terrified about was is going on in the world right nowHaving a hard time relaxing? Or do you have panic attacks thinking about your life? Most of the time these feelings come and go very fast. But in other cases, the feeling of anxiety stays for longer to bother your daily life. This condition is called an anxiety disorder. It not only affects your day, but it can also affect your nights. All these negative emotions are stored in your body. They can cause you pain, depression, and even insomnia. Positive vibes are the ones you want to be part of your body and mind. But how to make space for them when anxiety doesn’t go away?

EFT Tapping for anxiety is a great way to replace negative energy with a more positive one by clearing energy blockages for you to live a successful, fulfilled, and happy life. Transform your life on a physical and emotional level with EFT Tapping for anxiety sessions. It helps anyone, any time. There was a case when one client came to me with severe anxiety. Within only 8 weeks we managed the disorder and her life turned around! In a natural way, you will get the results that you have always wanted! 

Let’s discuss your issue. The free discovery session will take you only 20 minutes but can change your life! Ready?

Thinking Man on Couch


Do you feel sad? Are you disinterested or disconnected? Do you feel hopeless?

Are you having repeated negative thoughts?

These are signs that you might have a mood disorder - also known as depression. Depression affects your work, your productivity, your relationships, and most importantly your health. I am sure you don’t want to feel down anymore, do you? Probably you have tried a lot of treatments, anti-depressant pills for example, but they just don’t work out for you. If this is the case then you should try something different to refresh your body and mind! Have you ever tried the super powerful technique EFT Tapping for depression (Emotional Freedom Techniques)? If not, here is how it helps to improve every part of your life!

The human body can cope with all issues by itself. The natural healing tool - EFT Tapping, affects on a physical and emotional level. Applying tapping for depression on your body energy hot spots, you will release the blockages from your energy system and return the natural body balance that you need! No more depression, no more negative thoughts. What if you have chronic depression?

Tapping Oasis has experience in EFT Tapping for depression. With my 12-week tapping therapy package, my clients forget about the anti-depressant pills and medication and now enjoy their life! Do you want to live a happy life? Book your free discovery sessions and discover how I can help you. The results will impress you for sure!

Back Pain


Are you in pain for 6 months or longer? Do you often have headaches, migraines, or back pain? Are you suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any other kind of pain in the body including stiffness, soreness, or tightness? Do you often feel anger, irritation, and sadness? If the answer is yes, then you have an issue. When the pain doesn’t go away for so long it is very likely to be a chronic one. This issue appears because of unresolved emotional events. Clearly, emotions play a vital role in human balance and hormones by activating different reactions in the body.

For example, positive emotions and thoughts support and improve your health and mind. On the other hand, negative emotions trigger pain.

This means anger and sadness can dramatically increase the risk of chronic pain and cause future complications. That’s why it is important to release negative emotions in order to be pain-free! But how to achieve these results when nothing you have tried so far has helped?

Since a long time ago, it is known that treating the body can be the best pain relief. But when ordinary methods don’t work it is time to try something new! The solution is EFT Tapping for pain (Emotional Freedom Techniques). From its name you already know how it can help you. 

Basically, by tapping the EFT Tapping points you release your negative emotions out of the body and mind. As a result, you feel pain relief and the annoying physical discomfort is not part of your life anymore! I know it sounds hard to believe but tapping therapy has already proven to many clients the beneficial effects it can bring. 

EFT Tapping for pain can heal you. Can you imagine that a client with pain in the elbow for more than 5 years finally healed with the help of my guidance and this powerful technique?

If you are eager to know more about it - then don’t miss the chance to transform your life!

Book your free discovery session and learn how I can help you!

Diet Orange


Are you overweight? Or you just want to lose some of these extra pounds? You have tried every diet and exercise in your life but nothing seems to work? Or you had good results first but in the end, you had Yoyo-effect and ended up with even more weight? Most of the time exercise programs and diet promise some results without even trying to understand what is the problem behind the weight gain. Probably you eat healthily and do some kind of exercise but still, there is no real result in your weight loss journey. In cases when you cannot lose weight, an emotional issue is often the cause. Things like stress and anxiety influence part of your midbrain and this results in releasing a stress hormone, called cortisol. 

It affects your digestion and overall stops you from losing these extra pounds. At first, it can sound strange to you but actually negative emotions have a big impact on your body. 

However, there is a solution. It is EFT Tapping - Emotional Freedom Techniques. You can stimulate EFT Tapping points (responsible for the body energy) and restore your hormonal and emotional balance back in order. It treats the emotional distress and helps the body energy to flow in a natural way! It can be unbelievable to you, but clients that already do EFT Tapping sessions for weight loss are more than impressed.

The experience shows results with a client struggling to lose those 10 extra kilos during her whole life. After she got her emotional part solved her weight started dropping and stayed down.

Sharing your issues can bring you the result you have desired for so long! Tapping Oasis gives you the opportunity to get further insight from a certified EFT Practitioner. Book now your free discovery session.

Woman Sleeping


Do you feel stressed, depressed, and anxious?

Are you often angry, irritated, and restless?

Do you make bad decisions? Or maybe you have problems with your sleep? The 21st-century disease is called stress. A busy lifestyle often pushes you into situations that can be overwhelming or even dangerous for your health in the long-term. Negative emotions and feelings are often the reason behind many health problems in your daily life - back pains, headache, fatigue, etc. Have you ever tried to stop the negative thoughts going through your mind?

If not then you have to try! Fortunately, there is a powerful and healing solution for stress - EFT Tapping. It allows your body and mind to relax and react more calmly in many stressful situations. No more bad moods, no more bad behaviour. EFT Tapping for stress helps you reducing negative emotions and stress levels.

At the same time, it increases positive vibes in your life. EFT Tapping for stress transforms lives! No kidding. Try it now by booking your free discovery session and return the hope in your life.

Life is supposed to be fun, right? Then enjoy it with a stress-free mind!

On the Scales


Do you remember that scary clown from childhood? Or the bad neighbour?

Do you remember your parents screaming at you? Do you remember the animal that almost didn't bite you? Оr you did have this kind of accident that has left a traumatic memory for a lifetime in your head? Trauma. Bad memories. They all impact your adulthood. You don’t feel satisfied with life because there is still something that stops you from enjoying it. The trauma is stored in your head and your body. It might be difficult to acknowledge, it might be scary to look at it, but you can overcome it. When you overcome it you will transform your life, forever. 

With the gentle tool - EFT Tapping, you can release that weight you carried for many years. 

EFT Tapping for trauma affects even the deepest layer in your brain and mind. It clears all bad memories and traumatic situations in your head. Already after one session, you will feel immediate relief. Your body energy will be balanced and the energy flow will be restored! EFT Tapping for trauma helps anyone. Do it for you, for a more relaxed life. You are not sure how it works? Discover it in a 20 minutes free discovery session and transform your life now!

Stressed Man


Having trouble falling asleep?  Waking up in the middle of the night? Are you followed by nightmares? Or you wake up in the morning feeling restless? Your condition is called insomnia. It’s related to difficulties to fall asleep, unrefreshing sleep, fatigue during the day, and many more…The issue can be caused by any reason. If you experience it for a short time then probably you are stressed or upset, or you are just trying some new sleeping habits. However, if insomnia is part of your life for more than three months the reason behind this can be stress, depression, or pains. You should take care of your condition. A natural healing way to remove all these disturbing symptoms of insomnia is called EFT Tapping. While tapping the EFT Tapping points, you can access part of your brain which is responsible for the stress and you can release your worries. After the EFT Tapping for insomnia sessions, your body can get the rest that it needs. Improving sleep quality will grant you with enjoyable mornings full of energy. Don’t worry, you are not alone at this! People with problems for more than 5 years taking sleeping pills, successfully healed their conditions just in 8 weeks. You wanna know how to improve your sleep? You have the amazing chance to book a free discovery session and to know more about the healing process that will last a lifetime. 

Don’t hesitate and act now. Your sleep will thank you later!

Couple Running


Are you struggling to get this promotion in your career? Or you want to improve your performance in any kind of sport? You are giving your best but just doesn't seem to get the results you are looking for? Many athletes agree that there is a mental barrier that stops them from being the best. Even though the body is highly conditioned and has all the physical skills, there is something more that stops the progress. Very often some subconscious beliefs might be hindering you from your best performance. These beliefs keep you in your safety zone and stop your performance improvements. Identifying these blockages can straight you forward to your new mental level. 

By tapping energy points of your body, you can release the limiting beliefs that stop you and finally create the success you have been longing for. It may not be related to sports or career development. It may be an action that scares you. For example, there was a client who had panic about public speaking. After we got the reason behind the panic with EFT Tapping, all the concerns he had just stopped being part of his life. By booking a free 20 minute discovery session you can get expert advice on how to release these blockages. Let’s get what you want! You deserve it.

What are your benefits in doing EFT Tapping sessions with me?

Once we have named your personal challenge(s), I help you identify your energy disturbances and the topics we need to work on in the most gentle and efficient way. With the different techniques of clinical EFT, there are 48, and my experience I guide you through the process in a powerful and proficient way so you can release the energy disturbances and blockages. EFT Tapping is an amazing technique and with my experience, intuition and persistence, you will make fast progress as I know what to look for and we can instantly release the negative emotions and create the necessary shift in your energy system.

I offer EFT Tapping sessions Online which allows you great flexibility as you will not lose time to commute and you get to be in the comfort of your own home. Online sessions are as efficient over Zoom and Skype as they are in person.


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