Emotional Baggage Can Be Dropped


By Using EFT Tapping

Is emotional or physical abuse still impacting your life? Are you struggling making it through your days? 

The impact of these traumatic events can carry on for a significant amount of time.

Unfortunately, this is a common source of:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress

  • chronic pain

The EFT Tapping technique can help you calm the storm in your mind - and release the emotional baggage from your trauma for good.

Join me for a free discovery session, and learn how this amazing method in combination with my expertise can help you.

You can choose in what language you would like to have the session:

  • English

  • German

  • Spanish

Discover how to thrive - instead of just survive.




Ability to move past traumatic events once and for all without forcing it.

Reduction of depression, anxiety, and emotional baggage.

A clear mind and improved decision making...

Who am I?

I´m Nicole, a certified EFT practitioner that started my journey back in 2014. I attended EFT Tapping Online Conferences at any hour of the day, flew across countries to attend presencial EFT Tapping workshops, read almost any article that was out there, and various evidence-based studies.

In 2017 I decided to get certified as an EFT practitioner.

By the end of 2018, finished the certification and now I´m a certified EFT practitioner by EFT Universe.

With this amazing technique in combination with the

knowledge, wisdom, and compassion that needs to get shared I created Tapping Oasis.

Now I successfully help people all over the world, (150 + clients) with the compassion, intuition, and gentleness to uncover their underlying blockages in a secure and non-judging environment to move them to a new life of happiness, fulfillment, health, and peace.

I know exactly how to get to the source of the struggle and how to release it with EFT Tapping.



Learn about tailored solutions to specific life challenges.


Gain clarity on root issues that are holding emotional baggage.


Remove emotional trauma, and understand past events, limiting beliefs, and patterns.


After trauma is cleared, the mind and body can transition back to a healthy state - naturally and automatically.

This is where happiness and health can be regained and decision-making is greatly improved.