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Tap Into Your Hidden Potential…

…How The Wounds Of Your Past Can Be Holding You Back, And
What You Can Do To Break Free!

Do you feel like you’re just surviving and not living your life to the fullest?

Do you wonder why you constantly feel anxious, have low moods or suffer from chronic pain?

Do you secretly know that you deserve a better life but just don’t know where to start?


I can help you reclaim your power and

live the life you deserve!

Were you aware that 95% of your struggles today are rooted in childhood trauma and other past traumatic experiences? We will not be truly fulfilled in our adult lives if we do not deal with our childhood. Trauma takes a significant toll on us and can limit the quality of our lives tremendously if it's left undealt with.


There are many ways that trauma can manifest itself, such as depression, struggling with health issues, being in a constant state of fear and panic, and a lot more negative consequences. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way...

I offer a safe haven for souls who have suffered from childhood neglect, abandonment, or abuse. As a result, they may suffer from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain and want to break free and improve their lives.

With my intuitive, direct, yet sensitive approach, I can help you uncover all the hidden barriers that prevent you from living an abundant life.

Finally, you will be able to let go of the emotional baggage you still carry, allowing you to live a pain-free, fulfilling, and happy life.

Book your free discovery session today.










My name is Nicole Herrle, and I'm a certified EFT practitioner and trauma-informed, Inner Child advocate who helps people reclaim their lives.

Because I have experienced quite a lot of trauma in my childhood and adult life...I am now so motivated to help YOU recover from the harmful effects of trauma and begin to live again.

As a result of my training to become an EFT practitioner and my own experience with psychological trauma, I fully understand how trauma affects our emotional and physical well-being and how to release it

You can dramatically improve your life within weeks by taking the first step.

Take action now to transform your life. 

Contact me now, and together we will make it happen.


This is the perfect place for you if you are looking to improve every single aspect of your life. I am very passionate about EFT Tapping & Trauma Recovery and have helped hundreds of people reclaim their lives. They suffered from chronic pain, health issues, low moods, depression, or other symptoms resulting from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse during their childhoods or from traumatic events such as car accidents, war, or violence. The life they once thought impossible is now becoming their reality…

↓ See what my amazing clients have to say ↓

“Don’t walk, but run to Nicole. She helped me recover from a traumatic experience in a very short period of time.”

- Juana K.


"The EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole have profoundly improved my quality of life within just a few weeks. The panic and flashbacks have disappeared! I have the memories of what happened to me, but all the negative emotions like guilt, shame, anger, and self-hatred are gone." - Herta B.


“I had years of trauma affecting my life before working with Nicole. She was there every step of the way. She was highly efficient, wise, and sensitive while guiding me, which allowed us to tap away years of fear, sadness, and confusion.

I can highly recommend Nicole if you are dealing with childhood trauma and other traumatic events in your life. She is very experienced in her work, which is why I could accomplish such fast results. My quality of life has improved by 60% since I have worked with her. I feel so much better now, and I am excited about what the future might hold!” - Brenda T.

Leave your past behind and say hello to your new life!





Reclaim your happiness,
health &


Connect to your
inner child & bring back joy into your

Heart & Hands

Be truly
& fulfilled in
your life

Manifest abundance in
all areas of
your life


You may have spent a significant amount of time, money, and effort attempting to improve your mental and physical well-being, but have been disappointed by the lack of long-term improvements.


This is one of the reasons why my EFT Tapping sessions are unique and unlike anything you have tried before! The results are PERMANENT, allowing you to build on each small victory!


My unique 3-step ‘Special Sauce’ combines:


  1. EFT Tapping - Tapping combines the principles of ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology. I focus on Clinical EFT Tapping, which is an evidence-based method that’s been validated in many research studies.

  2. Inner Child Healing - To achieve permanent and profound healing with EFT Tapping, it is crucial to discover if it’s your inner child or your adult self that is affected by the trauma. Sometimes, it can be a combination of both.

  3. Desired Outcome Visualization - When we clear out negative emotions, it is normal to feel neutral about a particular event, but visualization is a great way to transform your perspective and remind yourself that you have the power to create any outcome you wish!


Being stuck in your current life and believing there is no way out is so frustrating, especially if you have tried EFT Tapping before with limited results.


That’s why my approach is different. See for yourself in my FREE 20-minute discovery session! 


All you have to do is jump on a call with me, and you will gain immediate clarity why you could not create PERMANENT life-changing results before.

And you will understand what you have to do instead. I have created lasting change time and time again for over 150 clients!


Let's schedule your free, no-obligation discovery session so that I can do the same for you!




Easy to integrate into your daily life



I have sucessfully helped 150+ clients



I am here to
support and guide you




You will get extremely fast results thanks to my unique technique of combining EFT Tapping & Inner Child Healing.


  1. Does EFT Tapping really work?

Yes, it does! Some issues can be solved in as fast as 10 minutes, others might take longer. As of today, there are over 250 clinical studies out there on the effectiveness of EFT Tapping.

  2. How do I know EFT Tapping sessions are right for me?

This is exactly why I offer my free 20-minute discovery session! It’s an excellent way for us to be introduced to each other and go through what is holding you back right now. It’s also a great way to ask me any questions or concerns that you have about EFT Tapping.

  3. I have tried EFT Tapping, but I did not get the results that I wanted… Can you still help me?

That's why my EFT Tapping sessions are different! You will make extremely fast progress through my unique method of combining EFT tapping with Inner Child Healing. The combination of my ‘Special Sauce’ has provided rapid, long-term results for my clients, even those that have had no success with EFT Tapping in the past!

  4. Do I have to sign up for anything on the discovery session? Is it really free?

My discovery sessions are 100% free and come with no obligation! If, after our chat, you decide that EFT Tapping sessions aren’t for you, then you won't have lost anything from the session. If anything, you may have gained knowledge on which parts of yourself that you need to focus on.

As you can see, this really is risk-free for you! 




EFT Tapping - TAPPING OASIS-min.jpg

Right now, you have two options…


Option 1 is to stay as you are. The option where you do nothing and choose not to take that leap of faith (which is 100% risk-free).

Option 2 is to make a decision. To sign up for my free discovery session and say - 


“Yes, I’m meant for more than this… I want to reclaim my life!” 


If you’re an option 2 kind of person, here’s the link to book the free 20-minute session that might just change your life…


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