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Let me share with you right from the beginning that behind 95 % of the struggle you face today lies childhood trauma and other past traumatic events. They have such a negative impact on our adult lives, that literally before you don´t deal with it you cannot live a better life. Trauma leaves a huge toll on us and can limit the quality of your life tremendously.


Trauma can show up in many different ways such as depression, struggling with health issues, being in a state of constant fear and panic, and so much more. Often the "damage" is caused already in our childhood, due to emotional, physical or sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment... or because of traumatic events such as car accidents, Crime Trauma, Rape Trauma... that might happen to us later in life. 




Discover the secret reason behind your struggles

What if becoming unstoppable can become your new you

You want to live your life to the fullest but things just keep getting into your way. You might feel tired, depressed, have low energy, or you are in pain.

On top of that you feel like you are running in a hamster-wheel and certain patterns just keep repeating...

You are not alone...

What if I tell you that you can get out of this loop and permanently change how you feel emotionally and physically.

My unique technique of combining EFT Tapping & Inner Child healing in combination with my intuitive, direct yet sensitive approach allows you to finally become unstoppable in all areas of your life.

Don´t waste any more time and create a new version of you being happy, healthy and feeling energized.

Book a free discovery session with me today and let go of your emotional baggage once and for all.

Take the first step now towards your new you and click the button below.


Nicole Herrle
Certified EFT Practitioner & Inner Child Advocate 


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Don´t walk, run to Nicole. She helped me recover from a traumatic experience in a very short period of time.

"The EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole have profoundly improved my quality of life within a few weeks only: the panic and flashbacks are gone. I have the memories of what happened to me but all the negative emotions like guilt, shame, anger, and self-hatred are gone.


Is this where you are right now?

- Daily life feels like a struggle to you. You are just surviving rather than thriving.

- Being shut down by anxiety, depression, low energy or health issues?
- Struggling in creating the relationships you truly desire?
- Being stuck in a job that does not truly fulfill you? And you desire to make a career change.
- Tired of going round in circles with having to try different healing approaches? -And nothing truly works.
- Ready to commit to yourself and invest the time and energy into your healing?

- Willing to accept that you need some help?


I´ve got you! It´s why I created this safe space.

- My soul purpose is helping people like you!

How about this instead?

- We get clear on the subconcious blockages, the "stuff" why you are struggling right now.
- We unveil past traumatic events that are holding you back and clear them out. Creating permanent results!
- You have 24/7 emotional support from me in between sessions with anything that might come up.
- You gain clarity about the next action steps you need to take.
- You will become much more aligned with yourself, your intuition and your goals.
- Every week you will feel more and more energized, empowered and excited - as your goal to become unstoppable is in sight.

I know it´s possible for you because I have done this over and over again!
Thanks to my unique technique of combining EFT Tapping & Inner Child Healing, fast results are easy to achieve!

But doubts are creeping in...

- What if I invest time, money and energy and I don´t get results?
- What if I am the one person Nicole can´t help?
- What if I can´t fully commit?

You know it´s not true, right? This is your fear speaking and it is trying to keep you stuck!

Because your comfort zone is what it knows...


Nicole is wonderful. I know from my heart there is nothing she cannot help you with.


"Nicole guided me through the process in such a calm and caring manner and I felt very supported and held by her.

I could tell Nicole was doing this because she genuinely cares about helping people. EFT Tapping is truly an amazing technique and Nicole brings such a well-rounded touch to how she guides and interprets that the whole experience brought me a much-needed sense of clarity which has served me even all these years later!"


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How I help you create permanent and lasting results

- In our sessions we will always get to the core of your struggle and clear it out. It never is what you think it is.
- We will combine clearing out stuck negative energy from your adult version + your inner child.
- We will create a new positive outlook with my secret tapping ingredient! What I call my secret sauce.
- I work through out the sessions with my intuition which allows me a great insight to unveal your current blockages.
- I adapt to your needs in every given moment. This allows you to feel safe during the session.



In order for you to achieve those permanent results a certain amount of sessions is needed.

The more trauma you have experienced the more sessions you usually need.

Those are my packages, my blueprint, the thing that is going to take you from struggling to unstoppable. Whether you are just starting out or tired of mediocre results this is the solution you have been looking for. 


1EFT Tapping 
Session -

1 Online EFT Tapping session of 90 minutes 

Tapping Oasis 

Package -


8 Online EFT sessions of 90 minutes + more support 

Tapping Oasis

Package -Breakthrough

12 Online EFT sessions of 90 minutes + more support 

Tapping Oasis Package -

Lasting Change

16 Online EFT sessions of 90 minutes + more support 

What will you get?

  •  8-16 online EFT Tapping sessions á 90 minutes via Zoom.

  • Personalized support calls in between sessions:

      You can book 15-minute 1-2-1 support calls with me anytime.

  • Personalized email support

      For further support in between sessions regarding your challenges, you can contact me any time

      via email. 

  • Access to my "3- Step guide how to unfold limiting beliefs"

  • Personalized Tapping scripts whenever needed

  • Monthly transformational Tapping circles

Click here to book your free Discovery session with me


Hi, I´m Nicole, certified EFT practitioner and 

Trauma Release Expert, and I help you transform your life

Someone who has gone through quite a lot of childhood trauma and other traumatic events in her life...and as a result of this journey, I am so passionate now to help YOU recover from the negative effects of trauma and create a new you.

Being trained in psychological trauma and having gone through this journey made me fully understand the impact of trauma on our emotional and physical well-being but also how to release it from the core. 

I created a safe space for you to heal, release the old emotional baggage and reclaim all aspects of your life. I would love to be part of your healing journey and guide you towards the life you truly want and deserve.





Easy to integrate into your daily life. You will only need 1,5 hours per week.


Proven blueprint

I have sucessfully helped 150+ clients



I am here to
support and guide you



Fast Results

You will get extremely fast results thanks to my unique technique of combining EFT Tapping & Inner Child Healing.

One last thing...

If you want to become unstoppable in all or some areas of your life then this is the exact right place for you.

I have helped numerous people to create a new version of them - they come to me with chronic pain and health issues, low moods and depression or other symptoms.

Emotionally, physically, and sexually abused souls, survivors who have experienced abandonment or neglect in their childhood or have suffered from traumatic events such as car accidents, combat, or assault.

- And they are now living the life they previously only dreamed was possible.

Are you ready to do the same?



Become unstoppable!

Leave your past behind

and say hello to your new life!


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©2022 by Tapping Oasis

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