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Your 3-step guide

that is key to create a

happy & fulfilled life



In this FREE 8 page step-by-step guide,

I´ll show you:

  • the 5 pillars of life that need to be in alignment in order for you to live your best life.

  • how to identify what is keeping you from living the best version of yourself.

  • how to release permanently the subconscious blockages that are keeping you stuck right now.

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Nicole is wonderful. I know from my heart there is nothing she cannot help you with.


"Nicole guided me through the process in such a calm and caring manner and I felt very supported and held by her. I could tell Nicole was doing this because she genuinely cares about helping people. EFT Tapping is truly an amazing technique and Nicole brings such a well-rounded touch to how she guides and interprets that the whole experience brought me a much-needed sense of clarity which has served me even all these years later!"


Don´t walk, run to Nicole. She helped me recover from a traumatic experience in a very short period of time.

"The EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole have profoundly improved my quality of life within a few weeks only: the panic and flashbacks are gone. I have the memories of what happened to me but all the negative emotions like guilt, shame, anger, and self-hatred are gone.


Nicole Herrle is a certified EFT practitioner and 

Trauma Release Expert, and an absolute Pro on creating life-changes for her clients.

Someone who has gone through quite a lot of childhood trauma and other traumatic events in her life...and as a result of this journey, she is so passionate now to help YOU recover from the negative effects of trauma - which in 95% of the time are the reason for your struggle.

Having gone through this journey made her fully understand the impact of trauma on your emotional and physical well-being but also how to release it from the core so you finally live the life you truly want. 

With Tapping Oasis she created a safe space for you to heal, release the old emotional baggage and reclaim all aspects of your life. She would love to be part of your healing journey and guide you towards the life you truly want and deserve.


Ready to grab your step-by-step guide?


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