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Thank you For Scheduling Your FREE

Discovery Session With Me.

I have sent your confirmation of your call time and date via email,

please make sure that you put this in your calendar right now.

Please make sure that you are in a quiet room and do not take

the video call from your car, airport, or any other noisy place.

Please also don´t take this call laying in bed.

If you take the video call in a noisy location or laying in bed I will have to cancel the call with you and not allow you to reschedule another one.

I look forward to helping you create a life full of peace, energy, and happiness.


My Story...

It all started in January 2014, when I was at a point in my life where I said to myself, I need a huge change now that I found EFT Tapping. When I applied EFT Tapping for the first time on myself I was astounded by the immediate effect (I had a terrible headache and it was gone within 10 minutes!).

I attended EFT Tapping Online Conferences at any hour of the day, flew across countries to attend presencial EFT Tapping workshops, read almost any article that was out there, and various evidence-based studies.

In 2017 I decided to get certified as an EFT practitioner.

By the end of 2018, I finished my certification and I am now a certified

EFT practitioner by EFT Universe.

As I am convinced this amazing technique in combination with my knowledge, wisdom, and compassion needs to get shared with you, I created Tapping Oasis.

A place where I can help everyone who needs a significant change in their life and I now successfully help my clients, (150 + clients) with my compassion, intuition, and gentleness to uncover their underlying blockages in a secure and non-judging environment to move them to a new life of happiness, fulfillment, health, and peace.

What People Are Saying...

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