1:1 EFT Tapping for ambitious individuals

Go from feeling

overwhelmed & stressed...

...to being happy & at ease


EFT Tapping for ambitious individuals who are ready to dive in and do the deep work so they can finally lead a full life without 

getting overwhelmed & stressed.

Does this sound like you?

- You feel like you are constantly overwhelmed & stressed, instead of living the best version of yourself.

- You have been dealing with anxiety, depression & chronic health issues for a while.

- You know you deserve a full life without being constantly exhausted, but just don´t know where to start.

- You have wondered, WHY you feel unhappy, unfulfilled and empty.

- You have tried talk therapy, EFT on your own but haven´t gotten the relief you desire.

But it doesn´t have to be that way....

Do you resonate with this?

- You want to finally feel happy, at ease & be physically healthy.

- You dream of being satisfied & fulfilled in your career & your relationships.

- You wish you could have more energy & be more present with your loved ones.

- You are ready to reach your full potential and live a carefree & meaningful life.

- You know you could finally feel fulfilled and joyful if you could overcome what is troubling you.

Working with me can finally give you the relief that you have

been looking for.



Being overwhelmed, stressed, and/or anxious etc. is just what I like to call a symptom. Tapping on those symptoms itself just won´t do the job. The way to permanently overcome this is to look for the root cause.

When people come to me what they oftentimes find is that childhood trauma is really at the root of their challenges.

You might not even be aware of it. But once we can uncover the root causes, we can start addressing the challenges once and for all.

Read more about how childhood trauma subconciously affects you:



Reclaim your happiness,
health &

Connect to your
inner child

& bring back

joy into your

Be truly
& fulfilled in
your life

Manifest abundance in
all areas of
your life


Hi, I´m Nicole, certified EFT practitioner, specializing in Childhood Trauma, and I guide you towards your desired life with my Tapping Success Formula.

Someone who has gone through quite a lot of childhood trauma and other traumatic events in her life...and as a result of this journey, I am so passionate now to help YOU recover from the negative effects of trauma so you can lead a full life.

I know how you feel because I once was in your shoes, and the past 4 years I have spent working with people who also have been there.

What I know is that EFT Tapping can help you improve every aspect or your life.

Being trained as EFT practitioner for psychological trauma and cPTSD plus having gone through this journey myself made me fully understand the impact of trauma on our emotional and physical well-being but also how to release it from the core. 

I created a safe space for you to heal, release the old emotional baggage so you can live at your full potential. I do this with my 3-step approach that I like to call my Tapping Success Formula. It combines EFT Tapping, Inner Child Healing and Desired Outcome Visualization.

I would love to be part of your healing journey and guide you as your EFT practitioner towards the life you truly want and deserve.



Ready to explore how you can finally overcome your challenges and lead a full life through my Tapping Success Formula?


I am forever thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Nicole, an incredible EFT practitioner.


"We have worked on various aspects of trauma and emotions that I have held onto since childhood and teenage years. Working with Nicole has helped me to release the emotions that kept me stuck in beliefs that have not served me for years.
She is gentle and has a great sense of humor. She is also very intuitive and I was amazed at how she was able to bring in powerful statements during our EFT Tapping sessions that really connected to what I was experiencing and helped me release a lot of stuck energy, and rewrite my story moving forward."


Juana released her anxiety of stepping into a new career.

-Juana K. (Barcelona, ES)

Herta was able to clear out deeply rooted unhappiness & anger.

-Herta B. (Dublin, IE)

Arpie could break free from anxiety and insomnia.

-Arpie A. (Melbourne,AUS)

Before finding Nicole I was suffering with a lot of flashbacks and distressing feelings due to past trauma in my life.

"I felt disempowered and helpless in trying to process all the emotional pain. So I decided I would go for an EFT practitioner to support me. I couldn’t have wished for a kinder, more present and professional EFT practitioner than Nicole. She quickly and clearly guided me, over 12 EFT Tapping sessions, through the process of releasing all the painful emotions. I felt truly liberated and free to be my authentic self; an important part was letting my inner child know I love her and promising never to abandon her again. Nicole helped me to become integrated and grounded strongly in my being. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who feels ready for deep transformation."

~ Ursula

Matea managed to let go of the fear & anxiety of giving birth.

-Matea K. (Munich, DE)

Ben eliminated stress, trauma & physical pain from his life.

-Ben L. (Delaware, US)

Alexa turned around limiting beliefs around her self-confidence & self-worth.

-Alexa M. (New York, US)


The withheld 1st step to identify childhood wounds that will change your life forever.

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