Why is my EFT Tapping approach different?

I have developed a unique approach to EFT Tapping that combines EFT Tapping, Inner Child Healing, and Visualization.

And I like to call it my “Tapping Success Formula” because it truly is a combination that I have seen help a 150 people+ in over 2000+ hours of client experience.

Let´s explore the 3 components of my

Tapping Success Formula:

1. EFT Tapping:

EFT Tapping is a powerful psychological acupressure tool combined with modern psychology that helps release trapped negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Plus it also helps to relieve physical health issues caused by emotional stress.

Tapping on specific meridian points allows negative energy to flow out of the body and reduces feelings of anxiety, sadness and more...

While releasing this tension sounds superb, I have found that healing can go even deeper.
There is a massive difference between feeling better emotionally, and permanently and profoundly dealing with our past traumas and childhood wounds. For permanent relief you must be able to get to the root cause.

The emotions are the symptoms. They can help us look back to somewhere along the line, often in childhood, where trauma or emotional pain occurred.

By combining clinical EFT Tapping with those other two techniques, finding the root causes is possible. By using this 3-step process I have been able to improve my life quality permanently and I have been able to do the same for my clients. And now I want to share this combination with you.

2. Inner Child Healing:

No one can help us better understand ourselves...than our past selves.
By turning my clients to their Inner Child, I help them intuitively identify the initial cause that has negatively rippled forward to affect their lives in countless harmful ways.

Once the root cause has been identified I help my clients to clear it out by either tapping on the adult version or direclty on the inner child! We tap on the Version that is affected..

And while clearing out the trauma I help my clients to unfreeze this child version and let the inner child grow up. This is a true game-changer!
Plus we create a loving and caring bond between the adult version + inner child.

3. Desired Outcome Visualization:

The third element I incorporate into every session is Desired Outcome Visualization.
When we clear out our negative emotions, it is normal to feel neutral about a particular event. Using Visualization, I get to help clients transform their perspective and remind them: You have the power to create any outcome you desire.

So, yes, EFT Tapping itself can feel magical. And that really is a powerful thing. However, my Tapping Success formula involves healing as a full 3-dimensional experience.
One with lasting and profound results.
This is how I found healing, and how I have the privilege to see my clients grow every single day.

Ready to explore how you can finally overcome your challenges and lead a full life through my Tapping Success Formula?