Client Success Stories

I am forever thankful to have found and had the opportunity to work with Nicole, an incredible EFT practitioner. I have dabbled with EFT for years, from books to videos, and have never made significant progress. I knew that going to a certified EFT practitioner would help me delve deeper to unlock and clear blocks that have been stored in my body. 

I worked on various aspects of trauma and emotions that I have held onto since childhood and teenage years, that have been a recurrent theme in my life. Working with Nicole has helped me through a very challenging year, filled with many transitions, taking steps to reconnect with my body, to experience the emotions that have been hidden and kept me stuck in beliefs that have not served me for years. 

She is gentle and has a great sense of humor, which really helped us build trust quickly, and allowed me to delve deeper quickly. She is also very intuitive and I was amazed at how she was able to bring in powerful statements during our tapping sessions that really connected to what I was experiencing and helped me release a lot of stuck energy, and rewrite my story moving forward, that has been a great part of the steps I have been taking and changes I have been able to make over the months that I have worked with her.

I am forever grateful to you Nicole, and am so so very happy that you have discovered your beautiful purpose and are making a difference in people's lives!

- Rada K. (Columbus, Indianna, US)

"When I started the EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole, I had already spent a few years in conventional talk therapy dealing with the aftermath of sexual abuse.

The trauma had manifested itself physically in the form of flashbacks, anxiety and sheer panic when being touched. 

During each session, we would focus on one key event that had scarred me emotionally. Nicole is a brilliant listener, who guided me deep into my subconsciousness in order to
release all those negative emotions.

Her calm demeanour helped me open up to the whole process.  Each session became a milestone on the way to recovery.

The EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole have profoundly improved my quality of life: the panic and flashbacks are gone. I have the memories of what happened to me but all the negative emotions like guilt, shame, anger and self-hatred are gone.

Thank you, Nicole!"

- Herta B. (Dublin, Ireland)

For many years, I have allowed anxiety and self-doubt to affect many areas of my life, especially my work, career and relationships. I would second guess my decisions and let regrets about the past take the joy out of the present and cause anxiety about my future. I am so grateful that I had the good fortune of meeting Nicole and made the great decision to work with her as my EFT Practitioner.


Nicole has helped me in a very gentle and non-threatening way to uncover self-limiting beliefs and core issues that have influenced the way I have viewed myself and life for many years.

In a very short period of time, Nicole has helped me to learn to use EFT Tapping to change my perceptions and to release the blocks in my energy system that have been causing my negative outlook. Nicole's gifts of compassion, intuition and a warm sense of humour have helped me to feel comfortable while working directly with her and confident in the knowledge of EFT Tapping that I now have as a powerful tool to deal with negative emotions and life issues.

I highly recommend that anyone who is dealing with anxiety, stress or anything that is keeping them from feeling successful or happy sign up for EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole and let the power of EFT Tapping and a skilful practitioner to help them achieve their goals and live a more joyful life.

- Kathy F. (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US)

I was struggling with physical symptoms of social anxiety and no amount of reframing my thoughts seemed to help. I decided to try EFT Tapping and was fortunate enough to find Nicole. She helped me to get out of my head and truly experience and clear out old emotions that were feeding my social anxiety. She was very patient and really listened, which helped me to be more accepting of myself and reach a new understanding of my past. It has been one month since my last session, and I have noticed that I’m having an easier time feeling a sense of connection with others and ease within myself. I’m very grateful!

- Sarah S. (Center, Texas, US)

I felt very supported by Nicole's calming presence during my EFT Tapping sessions. I felt that she was very connected to my words and my feelings, even over Zoom. This made the sessions very productive. Nicole helped me identify and clear some key issues that had been holding me back. I would highly recommend her as an EFT practitioner.

- Susan A. (New York City, New York, US)

When I came to Nicole for EFT Tapping sessions, I had heard about EFT Tapping but had never experienced it. To my surprise, it worked on me immediately. I sat there and went through the motions and began to cry and release a lot of blocked emotions and energy that had been stored inside me for way too long.


Nicole guided me through the process in such a calm and caring manner and I felt very supported and held by her. I could tell Nicole was doing this because she genuinely cares about helping people. EFT Tapping is truly an amazing technique and Nicole brings such a well-rounded touch to how she guides and interprets that the whole experience brought me a much-needed sense of clarity which has served me even all these years later!

- Juana K. (Barcelona, Spain)

Nicole was incredibly intuitive, skillful and compassionate in our

EFT Tapping sessions together. In that short time she

was able to get to the heart of what my lifelong negative issues

were and was able to help me to reduce, if not erase, the

negative effects of a lifetime of habits of erroneous thinking and

feeling. She quickly got the gist of what my issues were and

brilliantly and creatively led me through the sessions to see, and

feel in my body, the fallacy of the conclusions I had reached

about certain life events, one of which occurred in the womb.

I’m feeling so much lighter in my body and happier in my

outlook as a result of EFT Tapping and Nicole’s expertise. I’m

so grateful to have been able to work with Nicole and I highly

recommend her to anyone thinking about doing this highly

effective and efficient work.

-Erica S. (San Anselmo, California, US)

Before finding Nicole I was suffering with a lot of flashbacks and distressing feelings due to past trauma in my life, including being a victim of significant male violence. I felt disempowered and helpless in trying to process all the emotional pain, even after years of self-help and seeing other therapists. I had learned about EFT Tapping from a friend who showed me the basic tapping pattern, and had got some good results with it, so I decided I would go for an EFT practitioner. I couldn’t have wished for a kinder, more present and professional practitioner than Nicole. She quickly and clearly guided me, over 12 therapy sessions, through the process of releasing all the painful emotions I’d been carrying for decades due to the traumatic abuse I suffered. I felt truly liberated and free to be my authentic self; an important part was letting my inner child know I love her and promising never to abandon her again. Nicole helped me to become integrated and grounded strongly in my being. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who feels ready for deep transformation.

-Ursula T. (London, UK)

“I had years of trauma affecting my life before working with Nicole. She was there every step of the way. She was highly efficient, wise, and sensitive while guiding me, which allowed us to tap away years of fear, sadness, and confusion.

I can highly recommend Nicole if you are dealing with childhood trauma and other traumatic events in your life. She is very experienced in her work, which is why I could accomplish such fast results. My quality of life has improved by 60% since I have worked with her. I feel so much better now, and I am excited about what the future might hold!”

- Brenda T. (Houston, Texas, US)