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Client results and words of gratitude

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Herta B.

When I started the EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole, I had already spent

a few years in conventional therapy (speaking to a counsellor) dealing with

the aftermath of sexual abuse.

The trauma had manifested itself physically in the form of flashbacks, anxiety and sheer panic when being touched. 

During each session, we would focus on one key event that had scarred me

emotionally. Nicole is a brilliant listener, who guided me deep into my

subconsciousness in order to release all those negative emotions.

Her calm demeanour helped me open up to the whole process.  Each session became a milestone on the way to recovery.

The EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole have profoundly improved my quality

of life: the panic and flashbacks are gone. I have the memories of what

happened to me but all the negative emotions like guilt, shame, anger

and self-hatred are gone. Thank you, Nicole!

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Juana K.


Kathy F.

When I came to Nicole for an EFT Tapping session, I had heard about EFT Tapping but had never experienced it. To my surprise, it worked on me immediately. I sat there and went through the motions and began to cry and release a lot of blocked emotion and energy that had been stored inside me for way too long.


Nicole guided me through the process in such a calm and caring manner and I felt very supported and held by her. I could tell Nicole was doing this because she genuinely cares about helping people. EFT Tapping is truly an amazing technique and Nicole brings such a well-rounded touch to how she guides and interprets that the whole experience brought me a much-needed sense of clarity which has served me even all these years later!

For many years, I have allowed anxiety and self-doubt to affect many areas of my life, especially my work, career and relationships. I would second guess my decisions and let regrets about the past take the joy out of the present and cause anxiety about my future. I am so grateful that I had the good fortune of meeting Nicole and made the great decision to work with her as my EFT Practitioner.


Nicole has helped me in a very gentle and non-threatening way to uncover self-limiting beliefs and core issues that have influenced the way I have viewed myself and life for many years.

In a very short period of time, Nicole has helped me to learn to use EFT Tapping to change my perceptions and to release the blocks in my energy system that have been causing my negative outlook. Nicole's gifts of compassion, intuition and a warm sense of humour have helped me to feel comfortable while working directly with her and confident in the knowledge of EFT Tapping that I now have as a powerful tool to deal with negative emotions and life issues.

I highly recommend that anyone who is dealing with anxiety, stress or anything that is keeping them from feeling successful or happy sign up for EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole and let the power of EFT Tapping and a skilful practitioner to help them achieve their goals and live a more joyful life.


I felt very supported by Nicole's calming presence during my EFT Tapping sessions. I felt that she was very connected to my words and my feelings, even over Zoom. This made the sessions very productive. Nicole helped me identify and clear some key issues that had been holding me back. I would highly recommend her as an EFT practitioner.

Susan A.

Cynthia T.

When starting the EFT Tapping sessions with Nicole, I did not know how I could approach EFT Tapping from my sense of logic. I knew it was related to letting go of past trauma stored in the body, but I could not wrap my head around how EFT Tapping would support the release of trauma. Having read articles about EFT Tapping and positive experiences of other people, I figured it was worth the try. 


Being somewhat hesitant about EFT Tapping, I was happy that Nicole took the time to explain how we would approach the sessions together. During the sessions, I could appreciate her non-judgemental and open-minded approach to the topics I brought up, as explaining past traumas is not at all an everyday experience. I must say that EFT Tapping has positively surprised me as some of the blockages I had been struggling with were put into the right perspective or released. 


Describing EFT Tapping, I would say that it is the courage to investigate the emotional backpack all of us are carrying. It is an evaluation of the rocks you have in that backpack and to be ready to feel the weight of those rocks again, to look at the shape and form of each rock, and to ultimately decide if you can let them go from that backpack to move forward with more joy and less pain.  

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